"They also brought some of the pomegranates
and figs...and showed them the fruit of the land."


Fruit of the Land Culinary Market

Specializing in farm-fresh foods, artisanal Gift Baskets and innovative culinary ideas

We feature Kurtz Orchards of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fine Food by Oshra Tishbi and other exclusive brands. Share with friends and family in great gift baskets or enjoy a taste of the land with our custom-made gourmet foods to go. Come experience your favourite foods and discover new tastes!


Promenade Mall - open
lower level, near the Food Court
T. 905.764.5757

Bayview Village - open
near Banana Republic
T. 416.733.9611

Hillcrest Mall - open
next to Roots
T. 905.737.4992

Upper Canada Mall - open
upper level, across Apple
T. 905.830.9222


and online.